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Deer in hindi

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Indian muntjac

Even though they are part of Bovidae still there are many distinctions which separate them from this class. Unlike other ruminants cud chewing animals deer have solid horns and that is its most distinguishing factor. Deer antlers are mass of solid bone and are shed on regular intervals and regrow again.

India has a distinction of having the largest number of deer species in the world. The species found in India varies in size as per the areas they live in. The horn or the antler is the most important and fascinating part of a deer. The process starts gradually and with each shedding it grows more and finally takes its shape. This skin is highly sensitive as it is fed by many blood vessels and can be injured easily. When the antlers grow to take their final shape a ring of bone forms on the base and cuts off the supply of blood to the velvet thus leading to its shedding.

During this period many deer can be seen rubbing their antlers on the tree trunk to get rid of the velvet. Shedding of velvet is usually followed by the period of rutting and many stags are seen sparing with each other to get hold of hinds. These fights are mostly jostling with each other antlers interlocked and are rarely fatal. The shedding of antlers is mainly after the finish of the rutting season.

One factor playing important role in the shedding of horns is the availability of good grass. For males good intake of food means good source of calcium which helps in the formation of bone antlers whereas for female this period acts as a good source of nutrients to nurse the young ones. The surroundings play very important role in the body development of deer species. Deer species of central India are known for their large size and big antlers. Whereas the species found in Eastern and Southern India have antlers smaller in size.

The difference in habitat of swamp deer has led to the development of two sub species, hard ground and soft ground barasingha.

The swamp deer and the sambar have large funnel shaped ears to catch maximum sound as both inhabit denser parts of the forests. Whereas the chital has short ears as it inhabits the fringes of the forest and open grasslands where catching sound is much easier.

Deer have profound effect on their surroundings and every type of deer plays a very important role for Nature. They keep a control on the growth of grass and other tree types which are favored by them.

deer in hindi

The coat of this magnificent deer is golden yellow and the stags are maned and slightly dark in color. The adult males have large and widely flared set of antlers sometimes with points. In India there two races of the is deer found: one is the swamp inhabiting and is found mainly in the Terai region of U. The other race is the Hard Ground one found only in Madhya Pradesh.

The Barasingha of the swamps of terrain are mainly found in the small islands of reed and grass in the swamps and can be easily recognized by their splayed hooves ideally suited for movement on soft spongy surface. They hardly come out of the water.

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The hard ground barasingha is found in the open grasslands of Kanha National Park and have smaller well knit hooves adapted to run on hard ground. Their sense of smell is very high.

"deer" translation into Hindi

The herds of Swamp Deer can be seen in mixed numbers throughout the year but during the period of rutting season they form exclusive breeding herds.India is a vast country extending from 5 degrees above the equator to about 35 degrees in the north. It extends from the Arabian Sea in its south to the Himalayas in the north.

deer in hindi

One experiences a vast diversity in terms of climate, rainfall, terrain, soil, flora and fauna through the length and breadth of the country. The forests of India are home to many rare species of animals. Through this article, we attempt to learn the names of animals in Hindi. Before we can actually start looking at the vocabulary, let us look at some important facts.

About Deer in Hindi/ Deer in Hindi । हिरण के बारें में

Respect for all forms of life is a part of the religion and culture of this land. In the ancient times, animals were also given the stature of Gods and Goddesses; incarnations of God or closely associated with a form of God.

Lord Vishnu the creator is believed to have appeared in the form of a fish, a turtle and a boar. According to one of the beliefs, Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva in the form of a monkey.

Lord Hanuman plays a central role in the legendary epic the Ramayana. Lord Krishna belonged to a tribe of herdsman who reared cows. Flora and fauna have also played a very important role in architecture in ancient India. One can find intricate carvings of plants, animals and birds on the walls of ancient palaces and temples.

Animals have been made heroes in many of the stories told to children. Possibly this was an indirect method of promulgating the message of ecological balance, without understanding the Science. Nature, the flora and fauna of the country have suffered the impact of modernization.

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Many forests and rare species of animals have been lost to industrialization. Today, the government of India is taking serious and intensive steps to preserve the natural environment and the rare species found in the vast jungles. Hunting is banned in the country today and a number of areas have been declared national parks and sanctuaries. Concentrated efforts are being taken to preserve rare species. The Government of India is also trying to promote the concept of Eco Tourism through wild life tours, wild life safaris and wild life resorts.The Indian muntjac Muntiacus muntjakalso called the southern red muntjac and barking deer, is a deer species native to South and Southeast Asia.

This muntjac has soft, short, brownish or greyish hair, sometimes with creamy markings. It is among the smallest deer species. It is an omnivore and eats grass, fruit, shootsseeds, bird eggs, and small animals, and occasionally scavenges on carrion. Its calls sound like barkingoften when frightened by a predatorhence the common name "barking deer". Males have caninesshort antlers that usually branch just once near the base, and a large postorbital scent gland used to mark territories.

The species was formerly classified as Cervus muntjac. The Indian muntjac has a short but very soft, thick, dense coat that is more dense in cooler regions. Its face is darker and the limbs are dark to reddish brown and the coat color seasonally varies from darker brown to yellowish and grayish brown and is white ventrally. Its ears have much less hair, but otherwise are the same color as the rest of the head.

Females have tufts of fur and small bony knobs instead of antlers. The muntjacs, unique among the deer, have large, obvious facial preorbital, in front of the eyes scent glands used to mark territories or females. Males have larger glands than females. The Indian muntjac is among the most widespread, but least known of all mammals in South Asia.

They never wander far from water. A close survey of its microhabitat on Hainan Island was conducted from to by tracking with radio collar the localities of three females and two males. Results showed a favoritism towards shrub grassland, thorny shrub land, and dry savanna over woods, cultivated grass plots, and deciduous monsoon forests. Food availability was higher at foraging sites than at bed sites, but bed sites had taller and denser vegetation.

No significant difference in wet vs dry was found in food abundance, so habitat selection seemed to be based upon maximum tree height and canopy diameters. Ornithodoros indica has been recorded to be a parasite of the Indian muntjac, but it does not likely influence the distribution of this deer. There are 15 subspecies: [5].

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The Indian muntjac is also called "barking deer" due to the bark-like sound that it makes as an alarm when danger is present. It is also called Kakar. Other than during the rut mating season and for the first six months after giving birth, the adult Indian muntjac is a solitary animal. Adult males in particular are well spaced and marking grass and bushes with secretions from their preorbital glands appears to be involved in the acquisition and maintenance of territory. These scent markers allow other muntjacs to know whether a territory is occupied or not.

Males often fight with each other over these territories, sufficient vegetation, and for primary preference over females when mating using their short antlers and an even more dangerous weapon, their canines. If a male is not strong enough to acquire his own territory, it will most likely become prey to a leopard or some other predator. During the time of the rut, territorial lines are temporarily disregarded and overlap, while males roam constantly in search of a receptive female.

These deer are highly alert creatures. When put into a stressful situation or if a predator is sensed, muntjacs begin making a bark-like sound. Barking was originally thought of as a means of communication between the deer during mating season, as well as an alert.Aisling is the author of "Dog Funeral Evangelism. Photo by mysticsartdesign on Pixabay. Deer may not be in the top ten of all dream symbols, but when they do show up they are as magical in dream life as they are in the waking world.

When deer take the stage in dreams, they can be the embodiments of guides or messengers. Additionally, they may symbolize:. Horns grow on bovids—cows, goats, sheep and the like. Antlers grow on cervids—all deer, elk, and caribou. Horns are made from keratin, the same thing your fingernails and toenails are made of. Antlers are made of bone. Antlers grow only through the mating season. The end of the year's mating season is the end of that year's antlers. But the deer don't worry about losing their antlers; they grow back the next year with the whole process beginning again.

The growth, shedding, and regrowth of cervid antlers is one of the factors that make deer beautiful symbols of resurrection.

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This is bone that is regrowing—not cut fingernails. This is the same substance that carries and forms the substance of life-blood.

Horns also grow in a point, antlers branch off making them symbolically similar to the Tree of Life. Those facts coupled with the fact that deer are associated with Christ make them wonderful symbols of Resurrection. Have you been going through a rough time, living through something you hope is coming to an end, or completing a cycle in your life?

If so, deer dreams may mean that you are returning to life after a period of trial. Deer grow extra points after each shedding. When we undergo trials and emerge victorious we also grow new "points. Photo by composita on Pixabay. In the mythologies and folklore of cultures such as the Celts, the Scots, the Native Americans, and the Huichol, deer were considered messengers. For the Huichol, deer translated the language of the divine into words human beings could comprehend.

When deer appear in dreams they may be guiding the dreamer to deeper spirituality or asking the dreamer to be attentive to the soul's calls to encounter the divine. Photo by wreindl on Pixabay. Deer have the ability to move as beautifully and gracefully through forests no matter whether they are simply grazing on vegetation or fleeing a predator.

It doesn't matter if they are in a safe space or literally running for their lives, they still move like air. If going through a time of trial, dreams of deer can remind us that it is always preferable to attempt to move through adversity with peace in our hearts, instead of allowing ourselves to identify with and be defined by our adversaries and adversity.

Because of their antlers which shed and return more beautifully and more spectacularly with each passing year, deer in dreams are wonderful symbols of success and prosperity. Deer antlers will regrow every season—they will regrow from nothing and come back from that nothing not just as they were before but with more points than they had the last year.

Think about that for a moment—the same amount of time between antler shedding and maturity passes.From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Why in hindi.

Fox in hindi. Bp in hindi. Bf in hindi. Sex in hindi. Beg in Hindi. Beg in hindi. Read in Hindi. Pandi in hindi. More context All My memories Ask Google. Add a translation. English spell plural of chidiya in hindi.

deer in hindi

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deer in hindi

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