Category: Why are some messages dark blue and some light blue android

Why are some messages dark blue and some light blue android

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Why are some of my iPhone text messages green and some blue?

Jan 6, PM. Dec 16, AM.

How To Change Text Color From Green to Blue! (SMS-iMessage) Good as of March 2020!

I have sent loads of imessages which are shown delivered but people haven't received. It is such a pain.

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Oct 29, AM. Jan 5, AM in response to lll In response to lll. This does not answer the question. Text messages are in green yes, but iMessages themselves are various shades of blue. I can't find an answer for this anywhere on the web.

Does anyone know? Jan 5, AM.

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This also supposedly leads to poor sleep, which leads to poor health. On desktop computers, you can use an app called f.

why are some messages dark blue and some light blue android

On iOS devices, you can use the new Night Shift feature. But fret not, for everyone else, we also have a few third-party options. Google tossed in a feature called Night Light that was actually available out of the box in Android 7. From there, scroll down and tap on Display.

You can set Night Light to turn on automatically—a setting I recommend using—or just toggle it manually. You can also set a custom schedule if you like. Otherwise, once Night Light is on, you can tweak the intensity using the slider in the Status section. This setting will stick from that point forward, and if you ever want to adjust it, just jump back into this menu. Samsung has its own night mode setting on modern Galaxy devices like the S8 and Note 8.

Go ahead and tap the text to jump in. Like on the Pixel, you can set this up to turn on automatically; again, either on a custom schedule or from sunset to sunrise. I still prefer the latter. Pull down the notification shade twice, then long-press the cog icon. After a few seconds, you can release and it will spin. A wrench icon will then show up beside the cog, indicated the UI Tuner has been enabled.

The screen should immediately turn yellow. Like I mentioned earlier, it will also change the amount of blue light being filtered depending on the time of day. For example, the display will show a lighter shade of yellow around sunset, but will be much darker around midnight.

Come sunset, your device should automatically activate Night Mode. Sleep well! I get it—non-Nougat users or users with 7. Fret not, boys and gals, there are some options out there for you, too. That said, both CF. If you decide you need more than what Twilight has to offer, then give the more advanced apps a shot.

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Going from a S6 edge to S7 edge. When i send or receive a text message. Some turn a light blue and some turn yellow Does anyone know the meaning behind the color change? Thanks a million. Triton Lurker. I'm wondering the same thing. Seems like it only changes color when consecutive texts are sent by the same person.

Surely there is a better reason than that though. I found out the answer. The theme I had on my phone would glitch after multiple messages back to standard yellow and blue. So once the first message was sent or received in the theme color Yes this makes since. I updated my theme and it fixed the glitch. I had to download a new theme Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Forum. Similar Threads - Text turns ligjt.

why are some messages dark blue and some light blue android

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Views: Replies: 5. I just noticed that a message I've just sent to a friend has a dark blue background, while earlier messages are a distinctly lighter blue. Is there some significance to this?

This isn't happening with the replies - they're all the same light gray color. Even after minutes it doesn't seem to have changed. Report Reply. It doesn't matter how recent the message is, when you scroll the list, the message nearest to the text box at the bottom will be dark blue.

The colour will turn to light blue when scroll up. Oh my you're right! It's obvious now that I'm scrolling back. I can't believe Apple actually put effort and processing power into that! So it doesn't mean anything Actually the color-coded "green for SMS" is what started me thinking that the lighter blue must have a meaning. Well, SMS green messages has the same effect, but not so noticeable as blue.

How do I send a group message to more than 10 recipients with imessage? Name comes in red, not blue and message comes in green and will not send IiPad 2 iOS 9 2 1 imessaging not working for Apple contact Does not recognize her Apple product Name comes out in red message in green undeliverable How to send text message to iOS users on iOS 9.

Can't send iMessages to 1 person unless they message first I have ios 9 3 1 i've restarted my phone deleted the conversation numerous times to start a new one made sure my iMessages were set to my phone This is a problem that seems to have bugged many people for a long time When using iMessage the key adds a new line This is great for emails reports Can't send more than characters message through Whatsapp application Hi There Can't send more than characters message through Whatsapp application Same problem not in Android application Thanks Nagaraj M I have an ipad with ios9 can I send message to non iPhone?

Other questions.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. What do those colors mean and does it even matter? Messages with green bubbles are normal SMS text messages. There are several advantages to using iMessage. By using data instead of SMS, iMessage has a lot more features than basic text messaging.

Underneath your messages, you can see text indicating when the messages was delivered or read. These features rely on the fact that your data connection is always on.

It now boasts a whole ecosystem of apps designed for the messaging experience. You can do silly stuff like slap stickers on conversations or more practical things like sending a quick weather report, sending money, or sharing details about a dinner reservation. You can add fun backgrounds, message that move in different ways, and even hand-drawn text. There are two relevant toggles on the Messages screen—both of which are turned on by default on new devices.

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why are some messages dark blue and some light blue android

I have a buddy that has dropped his phone months ago, it cracked the screen, then last week out of the blue the screen went black. Can this issue be fixed by getting the phone screen replaced?

Why are some of my text bubbles dark bule?

My android was working then I was trying to watch a movie on my fire stick them it went. Quick double power button to bring up camera. Hold down power button to get power off menu. Touch and hold Power off on menu to get boot to Safe mode. Cubot Note Plus. Whatever Im doing glitches, the screen turns black, and prompted a couple of times and there are green or purple glitches on the screen.

After that, its just black and I can hear text beeps, hear notifications, but no lights and no response…Ive done everything here and to no avail. How can I fix my phone?? Galaxy note 4-problems began with occasional freezing screens and rarely a black screen.

Wiped cache and did factory reset. Freezing screens are no longer but black screen issue happens often now. Ive performed the hold power down for 1,2,and 3 minutes before re-inserting battery.

Batteries, I have 2 and both are good. Black screen seems to come about after sitting idle for a bit or after plugging in charger. A corrupt sd card perhaps? Is it possible to find someone to reinstall the OS from scratch? I do have the new LG now but the 4 in my opinion was the bomb and it is in such mint shape I would hate to waste it.

Text turns ligjt blue or yellow

Thank you for taking the time to read this and possible helping me out. I use this LG android only for Spotify. It still has my email on it but is never opened there.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have a Galaxy S6 through Sprint and just upgraded to Android 6.

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Since the OS upgrade, my text messages have been seemingly randomly changing color. The text is always the same color, but the background of the bubble will change yellow background on my messages, white background on incoming messages. I thought initially the color change was caused by message status - sending, sent, received, etc.

This does not seem to be the case, as once one turns yellow or white, it stays yellow or white. I also thought that the colors corresponded to messages that I or my texting partner had not responded to I sent 2 in row to her 1 incoming or vice versa.

This also does not seem to be the case, as I have been able to send multiple in a row without the color changing. After a lot of research I haven't and from the comments, it looks like neither have other users been able to find any resources on the internet regarding this curious phenomenon.

I am, therefore, forced to accept this as some sort of Easter egg from the Samsung developers' side although, in my opinion, Easter eggs should at least look nice. This also means that you don't really get an option to 'opt-out'. If it really bothers you, you can Contact Samsung although their 'Live Chat' feature seems badly designed since I couldn't get a representative to talk to me even after 30 minutes or use another messaging app.

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The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Text bubble randomly changing color on Galaxy S6's stock Messaging app on Android 6. Asked 4 years ago. Active 4 years ago. Viewed 56k times. Do you know what the different background colors signify and how to turn them off?

Andrew T. I've added a screenshot. This is not 1 message that was broken into 2 because of it's length. There are also examples of multiple replies from one party with none of them changing color. Do you have enhanced messaging on or off? Text bubbles started changing colors with marshmallow 6. No rooting or roming or anything like that going on, on this phone.

I don't have a solution sadly - my best guess is that this might be the new behaviour - but that is just an assumption.

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